House rules

These house rules cover the cohabitation of all the users of this house. They contain rights and duties. They apply to all residents.
A cooperative and social manner of behaviour is expected from all residents once they move into the Boardinghouse. All residents will only feel comfortable if all residents treat each other with consideration.


Nothing may be thrown from the walkway or out of the windows.
No laundry or other items can be spread out or hung up on the walkways or the railings.
Changes in the apartments or to the furniture, such as drilling holes, hammering in nails or similar, is not permitted.
The apartments are only to be used for residential purposes.


Every resident is obliged to keep his or her room clean and in good order. The entire site is also to be kept in a clean and tidy condition.


The apartments will automatically be cleaned once a week by the Boardinghouse. Towels and bedlinen will be changed weekly during the cleaning process. If you require additional cleaning, please get in touch with us by e-mail. We will invoice you separately for the extra costs for this procedure (see under
The apartments must be accessible for cleaning by the cleaning staff during business hours, from 08:30 hours to 16:00 hours.


Please remember to keep the kitchen equipment clean and handle it carefully.
If anything should be damaged, please let us know immediately.
Cooking in the apartments may only be carried out in the kitchenettes provided. These must be left in a clean condition. The electrical appliances must be properly used.


Any waste may only be disposed of in the appropriate waste bins. Care must be taken to separate the waste correctly and consistently. Hazardous waste and large items do not belong in these containers and must be disposed of separately.
No waste, hazardous fluids or similar may be thrown or poured into gullies, drains or toilet basins.
Final cleaning is included in the price of any overnight stay. If there is an unusual amount of waste in the apartment or if it is left in an extremely dirty condition, extra cleaning costs will be charged.


The exterior and the site are monitored by video.
It is essential that staircases and walkways are kept free as escape routes. Prams and pushchairs are to be kept under the stairs. No items are to be stored outside the apartment without permission.
Barbecues are prohibited on the site.
No naked lights or flammable materials are permitted on the walkways or the staircases.
For official fire protection reasons, no additional devices such as for example immersion heaters, hobs, heaters or ovens, air conditioning systems or similar may be set up in the apartment.
Storing combustible or highly flammable materials, or materials causing a strong odour, is prohibited.
If the water piping displays leaks or other defects, the supplier responsible and the landlord are to be informed immediately.

Duty of care

On leaving the apartment, the entry doors and the windows must always be closed, to avoid weather damage (storm, rain or snow).
Please also switch off all lights before leaving the rooms.
The Boardinghouse will accept no liability for the loss of any of your items of value.
Parents are liable for their children.


Noise that causes disturbance is to be avoided throughout the entire Boardinghouse and also on the walkways. It is necessary to refrain from door slamming, noise, loud conversations or similar. Particular consideration should be shown in the time from 22:00 hours to 06:00 hours. Radio, music and television devices must have their sound set to room level.
Parties and loud music are strictly prohibited in the Boardinghouse and in the outdoor areas.


Please report any damage or defects of items in the inventory immediately to the landlord, as otherwise you will be considered liable for the damage. Residents will also be held liable for damage caused by their visitors.


Smoking is not permitted in the apartments or on the walkways.
The resident will be held liable for any breach of this regulation and will be charged a minimum fine of Euro 300.00. If any renovation costs amounting to a higher sum are incurred, these will also be charged to the resident.
Smoking is only permitted on the site in the immediate proximity of the existing ashtrays.


Motorised vehicles may only be parked on the designated parking spaces.
It is not permitted to wash cars or motor cycles on the site, nor may repairs or oil changes be made.
When driving on the site and the parking spaces, vehicles must be kept to walking speed.
Bicycles can only be left in the cycle parking spaces provided. Bicycles that appear to have no owner will be reported to the authorities responsible and may be removed by the landlord.


Visitors must keep to the house rules that apply to the Boardinghouse. In the event of breaches of this regulation, the landlord has the right to bar the visitors from the house.
Visitors who are seriously inebriated or under the influence of drugs may not stay in the Boardinghouse.
Visitors may only enter the house if the resident they are intending to visit is present. It is not permitted to give the visitor the access code of the entry door.
The resident is responsible for his/her visitors and liable for damage, also for damage caused to other residents.
Overnight stays of more than the booked persons are not allowed in the rooms.
Prostitution is prohibited.


Keeping animals of whatever kind is not permitted in the Boardinghouse.


Check-out is at 11:00 hours at the latest.

Breach of rules

The Boardinghouse may terminate the rental agreement without refunding the rent if the terms and conditions or the house rules are breached or in the event of physical and/or psychological violence and/or discrimination of whatever kind against other residents and/or employees of the Boardinghouse.